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What would you like to awaken?

Mental sharpness & productivity? Healthy relationships? Fulfillment in your career?

If you could recreate a brand new life, how would it look?

My expertise is supporting you to awaken the gifts that are already within.

What will our sessions be like?

Imagine yourself in a safe container, comfortable to open up & share your deepest desires, frustrations and pains. You feel relieved to be understood and to have your voice heard. Although you feel vulnerable, you trust 100% in the laser-sharp precision of my guidance.

During each session of our 7-week mindfulness journey, we will evaluate key areas of your life — mental health, relationships, physical wellbeing, etc. You will discover where your main imbalances lie, while unlocking awareness of what needs to shift and the specific steps to do so.

When we begin working together, I will facilitate your personal evolution with the DHARMI® Method — a simple & organic way to release stress and reconnect with your inner nature. You will awaken refreshing insights as your path becomes clearer.

What my clients are saying…

I’m grateful to be introduced to the DHARMI® Method by Giuliano. This amazing experience connects me with my true essence, the relationship with my body and the five elements of this universe. I’m conscious about the importance of staying related with everything, the constant movement that impacts my way of being and all that surrounds me.

YOFRE A., Family Nurse Practitioner (APRN) & Licensed Midwife

”After a few sessions, I was able to gain awareness, have an accurate perspective about myself, and acknowledge my true potential. Thankfully, receiving that clarity, I was able to make the changes necessary and prepare to take such wonderful risks.

DI’MARGARET S., Public Figure & Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

How do I apply?

Click below to schedule your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation & determine if it makes sense for us to work together.