I’m Giuliano Geronymo

I’m a Maui-based Shamanic Sound Healer, Meditation Facilitator, Wellness Educator and ocean lover. During my “down time” you’ll find me diving deep in crystal-clear ocean water, exploring nature’s secrets and living ceremonially.

I wasn’t always this peaceful looking.
Just a few years ago, I was halfway through a Mechanical Engineering degree at my dream school, in one of the top tier fraternities, while serving as an official student ambassador & tour guide to my university. My social calendar was at capacity and I was on track to be majorly successful after graduation.

On the inside, I was completely unfilled — burnt out from endless projects & exams, socially overextended and feeling there was no substance at the core of the life I was told would make me “happy".


Since I can remember, I always knew there was more to life and each day reveals new “awakenings”.

At the age of 20, I crossed paths with a wise teacher and master healer, Christelle Chopard.

I was fascinated by her expertise in holistic consulting, yoga therapy, shamanism and other therapeutic methodologies. Little did I know, beginning my formal training with Christelle at age 21 would be my First-Class Ticket out of low self-confidence and a life that didn’t satisfy my deepest desires.

I should have known that the boy who would spend hours reading Harry Potter books would be living in a real world of magic someday.

I’m most likely sipping a freshly-brewed cup of Japanese green tea and conjuring new ways to help other magic-believers awaken their power, invoke their inner guidance and transmute stress in order to make their fairy tales a reality.

Do you believe in magic?

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Giuliano Geronymo is an international Stress Management Specialist organically-grown in Miami Beach.

Giuliano is continuously inspired by the "Art of Living" — enchanted by the yogic wisdom of the East, shamanic healing of the South, medicine of the West, and Native American traditions of North.

Giuliano's path of supporting others began quite early at age 22, under the guidance of Christelle Chopard, leading expert in the field of holistic wellbeing & founder of the DHARMI® Method (www.Dharmi.com).

A few of the certifications Giuliano has earned:

Giuliano has since expanded his services to include:

➡️ Shamanic Sound Healing
➡️ Community Wellness Events
➡️ Meditation Tools