Giuliano has taken several of my Sound Light Healing workshops and participated in many of my Ceremonies.

Giuliano, is a gentle and humble soul, he walks in vibration and in alignment with respect, kindness and compassion.

His presence is a healing song which is expressed beautifully and with power through his healing work.

— PIERRE GARREAUD, Sound Healer & Shaman

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In regards to attending several Sound Healing Sessions with myself and Vishal Subhit, a fellow sound healer from www.HighSpiritsHealing.com:

"Having been spiritually curious the past few years, my journey has taken me to many places for 'healing'. None are more resonant than the sound healing presented by Giuliano and Vishal. They are deeply impactful, diverse and above all they humanize the healing and are light hearted.

They are talented musicians, in touch with their audience and always willing to explain their practice from beginners to advanced. I'm a big fan!"

BEN PUNDOLE, VP Brand Experience EDITION Hotels

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Giuliano is a being of pure love, and his healing work is of the highest and most divine order. In sessions with Giuliano, I have gone deep into a trance state, felt huge waves of energy moving through my body, and witnessed my physical body being activated and literally ''moved by the Spirits'' that Giuliano channels.

I have performed with hundreds of sound healers, and Giuliano is one of the best — his voice is beautiful, the music is exquisite and the energetic transmissions are powerful.

I highly recommend Giuliano's private sessions, workshops & performances.

— ALAN PRATT, Sound Healer, Spirit Channel, Clairvoyant, and Speaker

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Giuliano's energy healing work is extraordinary. It is the new consciousness that can create and sustain such sacred spaces where the wisdom of the stars is combined with the expression of sound, the sacred vehicle of transmutation, integration and expansion of light energy.

I can talk about the depth of Giuliano's healing sessions. Healing and its potency also occur because of the clarity, motivation, and disposition of the mentor who holds the sacred space for the good of the soul in an orderly, secure and highly refined way.

In the presence of Giuliano I felt an immense confidence as a great friend of the Spirit. A great teacher. I appreciated every moment of the session that helped and healed me a lot and I felt the desire to go deeper into the mysteries of the sacred energy of reality.

It is a special and great blessing. Exceptional work.

— BERNARDO KUSHALA CAMARENA, Founder of "Purnoham Yoga & Sanacion" and "Zikhara Escuela de la Cúspide"

 ℹ️ www.purnoham.com www.zikhara.org


When I met Giuliano I was beginning to expand my exposure to numerous healing modalities. As an initiate within the Lucumi traditions and a spiritual worker, I am always mindful with whom I received healing from.

Within my traditions it is extremely rare to receive from any healers outside. Giuliano is one of the few healers outside my traditions whom I have not only trusted but has received permission from my spiritual court to provide healing services to me.

His ability to respect culture and spiritual traditions, and follow through on Spirit guidance must be noted. For it is this quality that not only he receives my respect, but that of my spiritual court, which is tremendous.

Sessions I have had with Giuliano have always provided exactly what I needed to shift energies via sound. It's an honor to call Giuliano a friend and brother. His mind and heart are not only open but respectful and receptive to all.

I humbly and lovingly recommend Giuliano as a facilitator of your healing needs.

— NICOLE NOVATON, Olirisha & Reiki Master

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Caroline Yim Testimonial Photo

I attended Giuliano's workshop last month while I was visiting Maui for work. Personally, I was going through a significant transitional phase so his workshop was absolute divine timing.

Giuliano's vulnerability, healing tenderness and being able to see the gold in everyone in the group created a most magical space for healing, cleansing and rebirth. He ended the journey was some sound healing that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I will be sure to visit again and look forward to bringing Giuliano into my office to share his gifts with my coworkers. Thank you G!

— CAROLINE YIM, Chief of Staff at Humanature Studios



Little can words describe the immense love Giuliano radiates. I have shared many moments including sound healing sessions and personal moments and found that Giuliano is the most loving being I have ever met. 

Thank you Brother for your Light, your commitment and for always having a word of encouragement to say.

— MARCO & MIGUEL PERALTA, Galactic Priests

ℹ️ www.StarSeedTwins.com


This was my first experience with sound healing. It is amazing when you realize that a sound is not only heard, it is also felt.

My soul is celebrating!

Thank you, Giuliano Geronymo, for such a beautiful session.

— ELSA PATRICIA OSPINA, Accredited Reconnective Healer

Di'Margaret Serafin Testimonial Photo

For sometime there, I was lost at a haze feeling blind to what was happening in my life. I was stuck into strict traditional thinking patterns of how I believed I should live my life and who I thought I should be. This caused a lot of stress and hesitation during a time where incredible opportunities that I never believed would happen were offered to me. Opportunities that would express my gifts and that are in touch with my dreams and deepest desires.

I was so fortunate and blessed to have met Giuliano. 

Giuliano’s guidance allowed me to have the trust, space and support to build the courage and seize such wonderful opportunities.

His incredible and clear guidance allowed me to discover and reconnect with the gifts that were lying within my heart, unawakened. After a few sessions, I was able to gain awareness, have an accurate perspective about myself, and acknowledge my true potential. Thankfully, receiving that clarity, I was able to make the changes necessary and prepare to take such wonderful risks.

My path is now enlightened, and I am ready to step into the life I have always dreamt of. Anyone guided by Giuliano has something to greatly look forward to. Thank you, Giuliano. I look forward to sharing my gifts with the you and the rest of the world.

Love & Light!

DI’MARGARET SERAFIN, Public Figure & Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant



I saw a man with feathers, I saw rocks and mountains, we were sitting by a huge campfire, gigantic feathers, above was a full sky of stars as bright as pure white, the sky a darkened blue. We were passing objects in a circle, at one point a baby in my hands.

The noise resonated the sour presence in my body and I felt excitement as each part was at the center. One of the most special experiences so far.

— WILLIAM ROBIN HERMAN, Owner of Baumbaum Label + Producer/DJ

ℹ️ soundcloud.com/baumbaumlabel