What is the DHARMI® Vortex of Energy Meditation?

This simple moving meditation is perfect for a curious beginner and even better for a seasoned meditator. The Vortex of Energy incorporates the healing benefits of Chinese Qi-Gong, wisdom of Native & South American shamanism and other ancient modalities.

How will it benefit me?

You will learn how to integrate nature’s secrets to clear stress while strengthening your magnetism. At the beginning of each practice, you will align with a positive intention as you balance the “5 Dharmic Elements” — each symbolizing a specific area of your life:

  1. Air ~ Mental health

  2. Fire ~ Behaviors

  3. Water ~ Relationships

  4. Earth ~ Physical health

  5. Ether ~ Spiritual wellbeing

What others are saying…

I am grateful with the introduction to the Vortex of Energy Meditation. During the sessions, I learned and felt the relation of my body, mind with the elements of the universe (Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Ether). With the cardinal movements I feel connected with the universe and how can I apply my intentions in different levels of consciousness and organize my daily living to get success in what I want and identify what I need to receive and develop inside me to continue my pathway in this continued process of learning.

YOFRE ALARCON, Family Nurse Practitioner (APRN) & Licensed Midwife

Perfect for private + semi-private groups and your workplace.