Nardo Essential Oil (5 ml)

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Nardo Essential Oil.jpg

Nardo Essential Oil (5 ml)


Fair trade, steam distilled & sustainably wild-harvested — bottled with love by hand in Bogota, Colombia 🤝💝🇨🇴

“I love love love his essences! Thank you brother. Every time is a journey through the jungles with these plants.”
— Ashley C., Licensed Massage Therapist

Healing Properties (as suggested by manufacturer):
🌿 Acts as a sedative of the nervous system
🌿 Aids migraine reduction
🌿 Promotes emotional balance

Recommended Uses (as suggested by manufacturer):
✅ Safe to ingest orally in a tall glass of spring water (1 or 2 drops)
✅ Use with an essential oil diffuser
✅ DIY household cleaners, mister spray, yoga mat cleaner, etc.

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