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Sunrise Summer Solstice Ceremony

  • 4600 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33141 USA (map)

1️⃣ What do you do for the Summer Solstice? 🤔
2️⃣ How do you use the maximum potential of the expansive energies that are coming into our earth from the sun? 🔮
3️⃣ How do your gifts & magic magnify in this time? 🎁


It’s time to activate your Light Body, spiritual path & our Soul Mission this Solstice ⌛

The power of ceremony & coming together is the driving force for the new world that is emerging 🌈

This new world is coming from deep within, from your own consciousness & perceptions 💓🌎💓

All earthkeepers & compassionate souls are being invoked from the sun to unite + resonate the sound of Oneness in our reunion 🌞

Join us to activate your path & strengthen our collective oneness this Solstice 🙏

We invite you to join us to welcome the rays of Father Sun "Intitaita" through prayer, meditation, circles dances & songs 🌬️🌈🎶🕺🏽💃🏽

Let's unite children of the sun to awaken the path of the sun and unite the rainbow family in South Florida 💞


✅ Flowers 💐
✅ Water bottle 💦
✅ Blanket/quilt to sit on 🧘🧘‍♂️
✅ Bathing Suit + towel to swim after 👙
✅ Breakfast potluck to share after ceremony 🍉🍌🍓