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Are you ready to awaken?

When we begin working together, I will facilitate your personal evolution with the DHARMI® Method — a simple & organic way to successfully recognize & release specific stress triggers in your life: distressing thoughts, unhealthy relationships, physical pain/injury, etc.

We will embark on a 7-week journey during which I will effectively guide you to evaluate key areas of your life — clarifying the main source of resistance reflecting in your mental health, behavior patterns, relationships and physical wellbeing.

I am not going to tell you "what to do" or "how to live", which can create a co-dependency.

Rather, I am going to empower you to develop the habit of observing "where you are" with full acceptance and compassion for yourself. You will learn to align with a healthier way of life that will directly improve your well-being.

What is included?

  • (7) Weekly consultations + follow-up support

  • (1) DHARMI® Method Journal for daily reflection & recording “Aha!” moments

  • (1) Complimentary MP3 Download of the 5 Elements Meditation, to maintain daily balance from the convenience of your phone

  • (1) Complimentary Travel Kit of the 5 Elements Essential Oils to use during the 5 Elements Meditation

What results can I expect?

Results vary from person to person, depending on your level of commitment to your happiness and improving your quality of life. While I can’t guarantee you a specific outcome, here are a few of the key benefits my clients enjoy:

  • Clearer thinking + sharper decision making

  • Choosing & cultivating healthier behaviors/habits

  • Healthier relationships family, friends, career, romantic, etc.

  • Consistently improving physical wellbeing

  • Improving ability to deal with life "as it is"

What others are saying…

I’m grateful to be introduced to the DHARMI® Method by Giuliano. This amazing experience connects me with my true essence, the relationship with my body and the five elements of this universe. I’m conscious about the importance of staying related with everything, the constant movement that impacts my way of being and all that surrounds me.

Yofre Alarcon, Family Nurse Practitioner (APRN) & Licensed Midwife

How do I apply?

Click below to schedule your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to determine if it makes sense for us to work together.